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I originally stumbled into the world of website designing, graphic design and branding via several requests from local companies and peers.  Since then it has become a serious obsession I can offer to you, integrating a unique illustrative style, understanding of social dynamics & facilitation through sollution-focused socially engaged practices with some rather important UI & UX (including UDC) design skills (- this basically means I can make your website/branding designs function well for both you and your audience's needs).

I've created various logos, websites, branded companies, created fonts and gotten to make all sorts of marketing materials - from t-shirts, to flyers, to Patreon rewards, to hand-carved stamps, to marketing-trucks.

Please note, my speciality is making website design concepts and not in website development (which is coding designs and putting them in the wonderful world wide web!).

However! If you would like a full website making, I can offer fully functional websites designed using WIX (including this site!) and have had many happy customers through the use of this.

I love to help make people's passions a reality and get them heard, so if you think I might be the woman to do that for you, please give me a shout!

And now for a few examples... (other than this website)

Stringer Things - Redbubble Shop

Product Design, Logo Design, Branding, Website, Social Media

our Proposed Society

Product Design, Logo Design, Branding, Website, Social Media

Proposed Society - Graphic Design.jpg
Harry Murrell

All Company Branding

youtube harry2.png
Clarion House (Nelson ILP)

Website Re-Design & Infographics www.clarionhouse.org.uk

Visit Us.jpg
Community Arts by ZK

Website Design; All Company Branding

community art LOGO.png
Rockwood Nursery School

Logo Re-Design - ONGOING - These are first drafts

rockwood - illus10.png

Website Design; Company Branding; Multiple Project Brandings; Various Marketing Products and much more, 2014-17.

(They now have a new design, thanks to Simon and Evangeline, to go with their new and exciting National Portfolio Organisation status and move to Northlight Mill, Brierfield!)

Cognitive Personality Theory

Book Design, Infographics and more - ONGOING - These are drafts

billboard mockup.png
Other Projects

Lucy Starkie modelling content, Sale banners..

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