Alternative Life Drawing Classes hosted by In-Situ and The Shop, created by Elly Langlois, Hannah Stringer (that's me!) and Sophie Skellern

We've sketched and sculpted with foil; brought in a spaceship/camera obscura as part of our 'Sketchup in Space' alien experience;

Danced and drawn with musicians Steve Hemsworth and Janet Louise Style - our very own private gig!;
Created silhouettes and had snacks with a lion, a mime, a circus ring master and more;
Flower bombed you with the psychedelic 60s;
Dressed to impress your vinyl record background music choices at The Shop, with violins, trumpets, guitars, flutes and some rather quirky outfit choices;
Sketchup(ed) our fears; eaten eyeballs; 'arted' in the dark;
Been witness to the heartwarming pretend marriage of woman to cross-dressing man (who we must say, looked rather fetching in pink frills).


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