"Rock Park" was a project I created largely in my spare time in response to "Burton Gardens" - a project with In-Situ, an arts organisation in Pendle, lead by artist Kerry Morrison, involving the creation of a wild food-for-free garden planted for people in Brierfield, accompanied by a series of seasonal foraging walks, cooking workshops and wildplant-tasting events at an enclave "Burton Gardens" in Brierfield.

"Rock Park" was born from a desire to keep building connections and ways of engaging with the environment and the people who were beginning to feel more connected to it.

"Rock Park" engaged with young people who had started to adopt Buron Garden's foraging space (who had re-named it Rock Park) and helped them host their own community BBQ, Make rainwater music, sculptures, bridges and equiptment for animals, collect, wash and rebuild things out of rubbish found on "litter foraging walks" and let the young people make their own decisions about garden-keeping and what to keep and what to kill and more.

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