The Best Apps for Sustainability

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This is a compilation of a few people's top rated 'Sustainabiltiy Apps' for phones (iOS and Android), all in one place, to give you a good place to start easily being more sustainability-healthy without too much confusion and effort!

These aps are good for most thing's we're all likely doing on the daily / generally - shopping, traveling, recycling, eating, heating homes & more.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION & I'll endeavour to include them in a future post!

1. OLIO - For individuals and restaurants and more! - Sharing food; reducing waste. We used to use this at a shop I worked in, to share food waste - it was a great way to easily provide local homeless shelters and more with food! Plus it meant we didn't have to throw loads of yummy food, made slaving over a hot stove!

2. TrillionTrees - You can use this on a laptop as well as phone! A great way to contribute to re-foresting. Plus there's leaderboards...!

3. Happen - To help you conserve energy, waste, water

4. ReCollect - Recycling App

5. iRecycle - FOR US ONLY :( Great for hundreds of ways to recycle

6. MyWaste / RecycleCoach - A great recycling app!

and bonus website:

From Active Sustainability: These guys have some of the best recommendations!

Personal Faves:

1. JouleBug - "an app that goes one-step further: not only offering you tips to make your day by day more sustainable, but allows you to share your advances and tricks with other users through videos and consumption and savings statistics, etc. With JouleBug you can unify all the steps that allow you to be more sustainable and save money in a single application that also puts you in contact with your friends, neighbors and colleagues to check their progress."

2. HowGood - "a catalog with over 100,000 food products analyzed through sixty indicators like ingredient supply, community impact, food processing or the level of producer commitment."

3. Oroeco - daily carbon footprint calculator.

4. JoinIn - grow your positive impact on the world - starting with you, sharing skills in a small circle and building bigger and better, gradually.

more good stuff:

5. iHuerting - simple, fun step-by-step urban gardening.

6. Bikemap - global bike routes, suggested by bikers.

7. Sustainable Development Goals - keep involved and up to date with the United Nation's Sustainability goals, contribute to them and add your own!

8. Refresh Go Green - building daily habits for sustainable living (diet, home, etc)

9. Love Food Hate Waste - I'll let you guess ;)

10. Sustainability Aware - Educational games "for kids" & I'd add, just as good for adults.

From Eco-Age:

Personal Faves:

1. Fat Llama - Share and rent items!

2. HappyCow - Find any vegetarian / vegan shop / restaurant, wherever you are.


I should mention, in the two aps above, you can offer / collect food for free, or add a small fee if needed.

3. Good Guide - Similar to HowGood, this app factors in nutritional benefits and alternatives to the products you're looking at & how sustainable they are.

4. Tap - Find free water refill points, wherever you are.

5. Giki - Similar to HowGood, this app lets you scan supermarket produce to find out how sustainable they are!

6. GoodOnYou - Quickly find sustainable clothing

7. ThinkDirty - Quickly find sustainable make-up

8. Too Good To Go: End Food Waste - Similar to Olio, so I'd recommend using whichever one works best in your area!

9. Connecting Good - Find sustainable businesses

NB: I have not yet thoroughly researched how these aps determine their 'sustainability' criteria, so please have a good lookie for yourself!

Please let me know which you download and how you get on in the comments below! I'd love to know.


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