Alternative ways of experiencing and re-imagining Nelson; past, present and future.

Creating an art product that benefits communities in Pendle in relation to investigation into the different ethnic enclaves / ethnic communities found / imagined for the future or no longer existing in Pendle.

We did not go into this project with a specific art product or goal in mind. We explored Nelson and formed a project organically in response to interactions with people in Nelson and their thoughts about and interest in the place they lived and what we thought we could bring to that to positively impact what was already happening in local culture. The resulting art products were entirely inspired and shaped by residents from beginning to end.


Six large maps of alternative ways of seeing / discovering / re-exploring Nelson via different themes, inspired by conversations artists had with local residents on their journeys around town and also inspired by maps of Nelson in Nelson Library’s Map Archive.

These original see-through maps can be layered upon one another, to see where different ways of experiencing the town merge and differ.


If you’d like to take away any of the maps created for this project and go and re-explore Nelson with them, there are some mini maps available to take from Unity Wellbeing Centre, Vernon St, Nelson or you can download them below.

There’s a blank map too, in case you’d like to create your own theme entirely!  If you’d like to mark your findings, add to any miniature themed maps, create your own and want to share any of these things with others, please return your completed maps to the magazine stand you got them from (lowest shelf). Or keep them; we don’t mind!

A sound piece to go alongside the maps.  It is a rhythmic journey of the artist’s time spent in Nelson, involving visits to the local bazaars, sounds around town and the nature that dwells amongst the side streets and daily bustle.


Created by Hannah Stringer, Zara Saghir with In-Situ.  Thanks to Unity Wellbeing Centre, Lancashire County Council, Nelson Town Council,

& Nelson Library. (And everyone involved in the project!)

Please feel free to download a copy of these maps if you're interested in going on an adventure / re-exploring Nelson, Lancashire.


The Project


The Exhibition

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