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Our Proposed Society is a sustainability company I'm self-starting in my spare time.  It has a special interest in forming community-lead sollutions to climate change, focusing on both peer-reviewed tools and action.  To launch, it is crowdfunding via the creation of a graphic Kickstarter publication; a website, serving as a knowledge-sharing platform and organisational tool for activist events; producing merchundise and more.



  • one standout artwork that is useable as both illustrative merchandise; can be incorporated into the company logo and brandmark and for the cover of the publication

  • marketing content (including promotional video) for the kickstarter

  • a publication design, including an easy to fill in tool template for contributers to the resulting community-informed publication

  • a website, including a forum (which is also designed as an easy way to gather completed tool forms), educational resources and more


The Proposed Society is both a sustainability-conscious platform and a creative 'vision of the future'.  This design's main inspiration came from outside-of-the-box ideas such as Elon Musk's vision for Mars and other optimistic undervalued ideas presented by young activists.
The Globe and box landscape were created as two easy-to-transfer options for all company branding, from art products and merchundise, to the logo, brandmark, website and book.
I also created several illustrated prints as alternative 'limited edition' rewards for crowdfunders of the creative publication.


Font Choice: Indigo Regular
Of course, the Publication, Website (mobile and desktop) and all other company content needed to be instantly recognisable; feel welcoming, intriguing, unique and accessible.
After forming the first iterations & prototypes, I decided to undertake UX research; studying my target audience's interactions within several versions of the book outer and inner design, website itterations and forum layout. - via in person observation, questionnaires, and consulting several design and psychology books, including Webs of Influence, which supported my audience's colour preferences for the resulting red, green and blue tones.
The publication inner and forum design were payed special attention, as they needed to be as easy to use as  possible; the audience being key collaborators in the production of the resulting content.  We went through several heavily tested and refined designs for the book's inner 'tool pages', to ensure we'd found a tool page template that was extremely user-friendly for all audiences, while still holding a modern, graphic and eyecatching style.  Realising we didn't have to stay within the confines of setting details for people to fill in as paragraphs and bullet point content, we decided to develop an easy-to-edit diagram as part of the resulting PDF, for those who struggled communicating verbally and had a preference for mind-mapping the visual significance of what they were trying to communicate. Please scroll to see 'inner tools' at the bottom of the page.
'Our Proposed Society' will launch in April this year (2020) at www.ourproposedsociety.org




An alternative background I filmed as an option for the O.P.S. 'ecologically themed' landing page, playing with the 'about' copywriting I'd created, which focused on the brand's understanding of the rarity of quality, viable, optimistic dreams and tools for sustainable living (using a playful metaphor about unicorn-discovery), alongside focusing on individual perspective having weight when part of a community. And of course the popular topic of species extinction. However, this visual seemed unfit for purpose, as it felt too wild and distracting from the brand's emphasis on focus and unity.  As I had suspected, users also found it implied the brand was more of a small-scale project, probably due to it being a farmyard scene, which though it felt welcoming and close, I did not want to leave implications at - this brand needed to feel like a global-impactor, with big ideas.  I knew I could still create a welcoming collective design, without sacrificing the feeling of scale. See below for the final look.




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