Clean Clear Water with Kerry Morrison at In-Situ, Victoria Park, Nelson, Lancashire

Making a beach and exploring a space's potential; testing water quality, tidying up and analysing what waste we found, making connections between people and discussing attitudes towards park spaces and more, having pic nics.


TEST RUN and CRASH2016 for Elly Langlois in Brierfield Northlight Mill

Getting a group of emerging artist together to see what might happen; exploring emerging artist's potential and making connections with the established art world.

April's March to the Clarion with In-Situ at Clarion House, Newchurch-in-Pendle

Banner Design and Production for a march to Clarion House, for peace and for Concientious Objectors both during World War One and throughout time.

Your Dad's A Maxipad at In-Situ, with Elly Langlois and Marsden Heights Community College at Northlight Mill, Brierfield


Providing an alternative Art and Design GCSE term project, exploring mordern art including Socially Engaged Art, Sound Art, Film, Performance art and more.  Students were encouraged to lead their own project and this culminated with a film 'Your dad's A Maxipad'

Demolition Street at Colne Library and UCLAN

A 6 week project encouraging young people to engage with the art work of William Titley in 2017, who was looking at the effect of government-ordered demolition of a street in Colne on residents as part of the Housing Market Renewal Act.

Stories Alive! at Rockwood Nursery School

Exploring alternative ways for nursery aged children to create and effectively tell stories. Creating treasure hunts; fairy homes; exploring gardens and utilising children's day-to-day experiences and more.



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