What Remains



Even within the confines of illustration, there is the possibility to explore a theme further than simply depicting it – not just putting my own slant on it, but opening it up to the public’s own interpretation.  And so followed my final year at university's pieces...


In my first semester I created my own story, revolving around people’s ideas of morality and right and wrong, grounding it in the context of cannibalism - a topic which was given a context to create sympathy or empathy within the viewer, towards the cannibal characters, within their desperate attempts to survive in a desolate setting. 



This story was titled What Remains...? and was composed through the first person perspective of an onlooker whose judgement and understanding of the cannibals changed from good to bad throughout.  This was in order to express more than one reading of their taboo story, so as to both create the potential for further thought and empathy, and to let the viewer decide who the onlooker was and which judgement they wanted to accept, as they bring their own experiences into the subject.

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