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Like what you've see in my portfolio?  Want to commission a website, book design, illustration, portrait, logo, social project, photography, mural or something else within visual art, but are confused about costs?  Not sure what to expect?  Don't worry.  Everyone has their own requirements, desires and budgets.  So, to make things easier for you, this page offers a few commission guidelines, to give you a few ideas of what I can do for you, including what kinds of costs to expect, past examples and more.

Got another idea you think I might be able to help you with?  Want to work out a detailed quote together?

For a more accurate quote, please e-mail me at


There's no harm in asking!


(Please note, if sending a commission enquiry, please include, where possible, any budget or timescale constraints, and the general idea / reason behind enquiring - this bit is just so we can explore any other relevant options, where desired, and so that I can get a feel for you).

  • Book Design

    (+ Album Covers, Other Online and Offline Graphic & Illustrative Content)

    & 3 Edits per item


    Total Cost

    Time / Set Fee


    Cover Design



    Inside & Out

    1 Infographic

    1 Inside Illustration

    £200 - £500

    ~£1000 (for a 400 page book)


    £50 - £500

    Dependent on requirements

    Dependent on requirements

    Dependent on requirements

    Dependent on requirements

    From highly graphic text-heavy designs to highly illustrative whimsical paintings in full colour for whatever size book jacket you're looking for.  (Most often my price ends up around £250-300)

    Don't just need a cover, but a professional easy-to-read inner layout? Want someone to find that perfect font; make sure your margins are correct for printing; make sure you've got good white space for readability?  Want to add to make topics not only stand out, but sink in? I'd love to help.


    Want several? Get in touch for a decent quote. You might find yourself quite pleasantly suprised!

    From inky character-filled scribblings to full colour double page spreads, these tend to work out much cheaper than covers, averaging around £50 per illustration. Again, if you want a shelf full of cute little drawings for your book, this could work out even cheaper.  Please get in touch so that I can work around your hopes and budget, to really help you really add something special to your fiction or non-fiction tales.

  • Websites


    Total Cost

    Time / Set Fee


    Full Website Design




    Set Fee

    Per Hour

    Full design or re-design of website including 3 consultations, website and social media training and access to company quick-guide on how to edit your website content.

    Website maintenance. You choose how I'll spend this time - creating cool graphics, updating text, adding a page, adding a shop and so on.  Time spent depends on task given - e-mail me to find out more about lengths & complexities of certain tasks. Quite often, a basic website content update will only take a few hours.

  • Artistic Services Per Day (not including material or travel costs)


    Total Cost

    Time / Set Fee


    Illustration, Videography, Animation, Socially Engaged Art, Painting


    Per Day

    Daily Rate will be given if project package is not agreed upon, or extra services are added post-agreement.

  • Example Package

    Full Brand Design, and Full Book Design - inside and out, including the creation of over 50 infographics.

    Including 3 consultations & sets of edits.


    Total Cost

    Time / Set Fee


    Full Brand Design, 50+ Infographics, Logo, Book Design - inside and out, 10 + Mockups, High Quality image files in 3 formats - so every image and branding element created could easily be transferred to videos, website, book, business cards and much more.


    Package offered in advance, lowering overall cost to client dramatically.

    It's definitely worth letting me know your big ideas before we get started!  I really love to work people to create fair and cost-saving contracts, catered to unique needs.  After all, we both want to make the process much more friendly and fun - the more fun we have, the more creative we can be and the better the result for everyone!  I'd even like to hope we can become friends through the process.


I'd personally love for everyone to have more of a say over the entire process and result of projects, which is what hiring an independent creative allows you to do.

If you're fed up of having to go through the middle man and feeling like you have no choice but to feed corporate giants who's systems are to ridgid for you; who aren't giving anything back.  If you want to hire someone who is Flexible, has a Unique Perspective, a Broad Creative Skillset and brings Fresh Eyes to a project...  Then I hope you might consider supporting an independent artist (whether it's me or someone else is, of course, up to you).    So, providing you're interested, let's try something new together.

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