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Like what you've see in my portfolio?  Want to commission a website, book design, illustration, portrait, logo, social project, photography, mural or something else within visual art, but are confused about costs?  Not sure what to expect?  Don't worry.  Everyone has their own requirements, desires and budgets.  So, to make things easier for you, this page offers a few commission guidelines, to give you a few ideas of what I can do for you, including what kinds of costs to expect, past examples and more.

Got another idea you think I might be able to help you with?  Want to work out a detailed quote together?

For a more accurate quote, please e-mail me at


There's no harm in asking!


(Please note, if sending a commission enquiry, please include, where possible, any budget or timescale constraints, and the general idea / reason behind enquiring - this bit is just so we can explore any other relevant options, where desired, and so that I can get a feel for you).


I'd personally love for everyone to have more of a say over the entire process and result of projects, which is what hiring an independent creative allows you to do.

If you're fed up of having to go through the middle man and feeling like you have no choice but to feed corporate giants who's systems are to ridgid for you; who aren't giving anything back.  If you want to hire someone who is Flexible, has a Unique Perspective, a Broad Creative Skillset and brings Fresh Eyes to a project...  Then I hope you might consider supporting an independent artist (whether it's me or someone else is, of course, up to you).    So, providing you're interested, let's try something new together.

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