Do you see monsters, victims or potential saviours when you look at people.  What do you see when you look back at yourself?  Can all three characters exist in one person?

This animation was painted digitally, frame-by-frame at the size of the side of a building (it took a while!) so that the scale of the character could be made to reflect the size of your run-o-the-mill human in high detail, up to giant sized character... or down to pea-sized, if you'd rather see a borrower.

Concept, Art, Animation - Hannah Stringer


'Thaumatropes' is a small series of animation coins based on Victorian toys, created as a means to re-explore what we know.

Inspired by the art of Edward Hopper, René Magritte, Kathe Kollwitz

Concept, Painting and Animation by Hannah Stringer


Character Design & Animation for Skye Endless Realm

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