Socially Engaged Stringer Thing

Interested in the person, the environment and generating tangible happiness.

Through my practice and involvement in projects with In-Situ over the past 4 years I have explored Pendle through socially engaging arts in order to respond to current perceived cultural dynamics, local happiness and environmental waste.

Lead artist of: 'In-Fusion' 2017, alongside emerging artist Zara Saghir, a project exploring cultural dynamics in Pendle.
'The Brierfield Disposable Compliment', 'Good News', Burton Gardens' 'Rock Park' extension project.

Co-lead artist of: 'Your Dad's a Maxipad' with artist Elly Langlois. 'Pocket Towns' 2017-18, alongside emerging artist Zara Saghir, a project exploring cultural dynamics in Nelson.

Artist on 'Clean Clear Water', 'April's March to the Clarion' and more.

Volunteer at 'Pendle Social Cinema'.

lllustrator Stringer Thing

Producing illustrations, concept art, traditional and digital painting, animation and character design.
I am currently writing and illustrating my own book about cannibals.

Website Designer / Logo Maker / Branding Builder Stringer Thing

I also have experience in graphic design for branding, websites and books.

All Stringer Things

I create because creation has the power to help others / inspire & express alternative realities. Because I like to communicate. Because it is important.

I am self-employed, have six cats, want to go scubadiving on my next adventure abroad and am most interested in creating art work that contributes positively to its intended community.
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